Simply Natural is committed to balancing quality, ecology and productivity. To ensure our agricultural investment projects are managed to the highest standards, we have partnered with Campo Organico to handle the day-to-day operations of all our farms. Campo Organico is Panama's leading plantation management company, with over 20 years experience in large scale farm management.

Organic Fertilizers

Campo Organico has developed their own fertilizers for use on their farms and for sale to other organic farmers. Their Campo Organico Humus​ Custom Developed Fertilizer contains bio enzymes for optimal plant and crop development. ​Campo Organico's Premium Compost is an organic fertilizer produced from the work of millions of earthworms in a state-of-the-art facility. It contains micro and macro nutrients as well as abundant and balanced microbiology to raise the fertility of the soil and improve crop performance. ​ ​Premium Compost Campo Organicos Premium Compost is an organic soil additive solution manufactured through an advanced, accelerated process of aerobic decomposition of organic matter.

Farm Management

The combined mission of Campo Organico and Simply Natural is to maximize the profits of your agricultural investments while being good stewards of the land. We look to the long-term goals of the region by creating an environment of permaculture and eco-sustainability.

As fourth generation farmers, we understand the inherent challenges that large scale farming entails across multiple crop species. We employ a full-time force of nearly 80 farmhands who work the land on a daily basis. For decades we have managed both our own agricultural interests in addition to many other local plantations with great success.

Successful farms are developed over years, with blisters, sweat, and a passionate love for the land. In the end, we create productive and lasting relationships with the lands we cultivate. We become one with the land we serve.

Crop Management is a full time job. We strive to remain market leaders and innovators where technical improvements and natural biological breakthroughs can benefit the entire world. A farming plan is developed yearly and updated daily as appropriate, for each farm that is under our care. The plan is also importantly designed to cultivate and sell crops, at the highest price points possible.

Certified Organic Farmers

Campo Organico is one of the leading companies in the agricultural sector in Panama for the research and development of crop feasibility, organic farming techniques, permaculture, biotechnology and cultivars. As an esteemed member of the City of Knowledge in Panama, we don't believe in just growing produce but also believe that more should be done to limit the effects of modern agriculture on the world’s resources and population. This is why all of our plantations are organic with no chemical pesticide use. We believe that there is a right and wrong way to grow agriculture and therefore choose to submit all of our investor plantations for international organic certification.

Sale of Produce

In coordination with Campo Orangico, Simply Natural Investments will manage the sale of your fruit all the way to the retail marketplace. Our return projections are based on current local market rates, however, we plan to export your produce to maximize profitability. Our strategic location to the Panama Canal gives us a strategic advantage over other Latin and South American exporters. Our produce can be picked, packed, and on it’s way to US and European markets in as little as 8 hours. Most Latin American and South American exporters can take up to 2 weeks just to get to the Panama Canal. Fresher produce, means higher prices and greater demand for our produce. The demand in local markets has also been growing at a rapid pace. Panama for example, imports 80% of its Mangoes. This means that, should we choose to, there is an abundance of marketing opportunities on our doorstep.

Crop Nutrients

Campo Organico provides customers with an Integrated Plant Nutrition System that both maintains and increases the productivity of soils by using balanced soil and organic crop nutrients. We utilize micro-nutrients such as nitrogen (N), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), boron (B), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), copper (Cu) and molybdenum (Mo), based on a biotechnological aerobic and anaerobic fermentation process which we manufacture carefully and make available for scalability.

Bio Pesticides

Campo Organico’s Bio Neem is a naturally occurring pesticide and fungicide product derived from the Neem plant. Neem is a neuro-inhibitor of most agricultural pests which acts symbiotically with crops, to cut the reproductive cycles of pests while effectively stopping the growth of harmful fungus.

Bio Neem acts as a growth inhibitor for insects as an antifeedant, which in effect prolongs the immature stages of pests by diminishing fertility and killing their reproductive cycles. It lowers the levels of protein and amino acids in the hemolymph and interferes with the synthesis of chitin.

Azadirachtin is the active component in Neem whose characteristics intervene in the chemical and physiological processes of insect development. These features help to make Campo Organico’s Bio Neem, a superior product to act against fungi, arthropods, insects, and nematodes that attack plants and crops. The result is a better, stronger crop yield, and a permaculture of agricultural success.

Seed Science

All of Campo Organico/Simply Natural Investments mango trees are of a self developed cultivar named "The Lady Victoria." This cultivar was produced in 1995 by Gilberto Aleman, part of the Management Team of Simply Natural Investments. This is a NON-GMO cultivar, produced through a natural grafting technique between a local Panamanian variety mango called the "Hilacho" and the "Alphonso" mango. The pulp is 100% alphonso, but the local variety allows for greater pest control and benefits from the local tropical conditions to produce more mangoes at a higher pulp to seed ratio.
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*Simply Natural Investments does not offer or provide investment advice nor does it engage the sale of securities. Simply Natural Investments exclusively engages in the sale of real estate to be used in the production of agriculture. The projected agriculture yields are based on current values in the Republic of Panama, as published by various industry sources. Various factors can effect agriculture yields and values including, but not limited to, weather, pests, and plant disease.