Starting is Simple.

Once you have decided to join us, simply choose your method of funding. It could be cash, conventional loan, or you can fund your farm through your IRA LLC. We have partnered with local legal and investment firms to handle the details so you can do everything from your home or, if you prefer, schedule a visit to our farm, see your plot of land, and tour our operations. Then enjoy the other treasures of Panama such as fishing, kayaking, hiking and a lively social life. As a Simply Natural owner, you’re welcome to visit any time and book a stay at our riverside lodge. Reserve My Fruit Farm

Partner with the worlds most profitable fruits

Simply Natural Investments focuses on planting the world’s most popular fruits. Our process of selecting future plantings is based on data supplied by the world’s top distributors. It’s very important to differentiate sustainable demand from a fad. We work closely with our market partners to project growth based on a variety of factors. These include global import/export statistics, price trends with retailers, and global planting reports. In addition to tracking demand we also focus on specialty varieties of fruits. We have partnered with some of the world’s top agriculture development minds to create the highest quality of each fruit that we plant. We limit the amount of production of each variety in order to maintain control of the supply of the specialty variety fruits produce. In the produce business, those who control the supply, control the price. This concept allows us to maintain maximum profit margins on our fruits.
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Simply Natural is truly a farm in a box, as part of your investment, you enjoy the daily services of the Simply Natural management team. We handle everything, from the clearing of your land to the harvest, sales and shipping of your fruit. The team at Simply Natural Harvest takes care of your products from harvest to table, ensuring best fruit quality are delivered to the market.

Ready to Start Growing?

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the reservation form below and one of our representatives will contact you to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. Once your account is funded, your project will go into development immediately. You will also receive full title ownership to the property. Your project will go into development immediately after funds are received. The demand for our properties has been increasing at a very rapid pace and supply of land is limited. Land prices have been increasing in Panama at an average of 11% per year, thus future offerings will be at a higher price.

Watching Your Investment Grow

Depending on the time of year you make your purchase, you can expect to see returns within the third year of ownership with returns growing as your trees begin to mature and produce. Then your trees can be expected to produce for up to 80 years. And remember, you own the land – and given the limited farming area developed in Panama, it is expected that the value of your land should rise, too.

The Multi Use Mango

Our mangoes are also versatile. Not only are they consumed fresh, they can be frozen, dehydrated, and are used as a by-product in many industries including cosmetics.

There are 2,000 hectares available in this current phase of development of the farm. Simply Natural will soon be one of the largest mango farms in the world. It’s the first step toward our long-term vision of becoming the largest organic farm in the world – and we want to bring you along to pick the fruits of our labor.

Avocado Explosion

The Avocado explosion is just getting started. The health benefits of Avocados has skyrocketed avocados to one of the fastest growing fruits in the world. The Hass variety specifically has erupted in the US and Europe. Our proximity to the US market and Panama Canal gives us a strategic advantage to be one of the primary import suppliers to US and European markets.

We have partnered with one of the world's top Avocado growers from Mexico to launch our first 1000 hectares of Avocado production in April of 2015. This much anticipated launch has been pre sold to existing customers and is in very high demand. We anticipate this project to sell out quickly, although we do plan to add additional hectares, rising land prices in Panama will require us to raise the price of future offerings.

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*Simply Natural Investments does not offer or provide investment advice nor does it engage the sale of securities. Simply Natural Investments exclusively engages in the sale of real estate to be used in the production of agriculture. The projected agriculture yields are based on current values in the Republic of Panama, as published by various industry sources. Various factors can effect agriculture yields and values including, but not limited to, weather, pests, and plant disease.