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Tour services provided by Barefoot Panama Tours where they encourage you to embrace the natural beauty of Panama and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Click the link below to get started booking your tour today! Please contact Barefoot Panama Tours with any questions you might have - Calling from Panama: 6780-3010 or Calling from the U.S.: (781) 479-2011

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Standard Package

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Day 1:
Upon your arrival to the airport you will be greeted with a VIP pick up to escort you to your check in at the Country Inn, Panama Amador.
Day 2:
Enjoy a City Tour followed by a traditional Panamanian dinner at Tinajas where you will experience fresh native ingredients from around the country.
Day 3:
Visit the Simply Natural farm and go over the investor brief. Lunch will be served at the farm. Next you’ll get to kayake the expansive Rio Grande. Enjoy a dinner sponsored by Simply Natural in the eveing and check into Playa Blanca Panama Resort.
Day 4:
Enjoy a day exploring the wonders of Panama on your own time. Of course, there is the optional El Valle Adventure Tour if you so chose.
Day 5:
Depart for Panama City, Panama. Check back into Country Inn, Panama Amador. Dinner to take palce in Old Town (not included in the package price).
Day 6:
Upon checkout, VIP transport to the airport will be available for you.
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*Simply Natural Investments does not offer or provide investment advice nor does it engage the sale of securities. Simply Natural Investments exclusively engages in the sale of real estate to be used in the production of agriculture. The projected agriculture yields are based on current values in the Republic of Panama, as published by various industry sources. Various factors can effect agriculture yields and values including, but not limited to, weather, pests, and plant disease.