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Simply Natural is a unique farm-in-a-box concept where you own your own Simply Natural farm in Panama. We plant, pick, pack, sell, and ship your mangoes to the world’s markets and send 70% of the profits to you.

Investing with us.


STEP 1: Purchase Land

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is choose how you would like to fund the purchase of your farm. You can use cash, a loan, or fund your purchase through your IRA. We’ll prepare a title in your name and close. Minimum investment is one hectare (roughly 2.47 acres).

STEP 2: Prepare, Clear, Plant Land

After closing, we'll get started by cleaning the land and preparing the property for your fruit. We carefully select and graft fruit trees from our nursery then plant them on your property.


STEP 3: Manage Land

In the 2-3 years while your trees are maturing, we’ll plant crops on your farm in order to begin to capitalize your land and earn income. Campo Organico will handle everything when it comes to the care, cultivation, harvesting, and management of your property.

STEP 4: Receive Income

This is the day we’ve been waiting for! Simply Natural will harvest, pack, and ship your fruit to the highest paying market. Then they’ll send you a check for 70% of the profit.

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*Simply Natural Investments does not offer or provide investment advice nor does it engage the sale of securities. Simply Natural Investments exclusively engages in the sale of real estate to be used in the production of agriculture. The projected agriculture yields are based on current values in the Republic of Panama, as published by various industry sources. Various factors can effect agriculture yields and values including, but not limited to, weather, pests, and plant disease.